Placement Papers

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  3. Here we provide you various companies placement papers.
  4. Now Paper set is available from year 2005 to 2010
  5. Soon We will upload the current year placement papers
Company name200520062007200820092010
AdobeAdobe 2006
MicrosoftApptitudeAlgorithmeJava DatabaseLinkedlistNetworking
CscTechnicalSolved Technical
HclHcl 2005Hcl 2006Hcl 2007Hcl 2008Hcl 2009Hcl 2010
SatyamSatyam 2005Satyam 2006Satyam 2007Satyam 2008Satyam 2009Satyam 2010
InfosysAptitude Infosys 2006 Infosys 2007 Infosys 2008 Infosys 2009 Infosys 2010
CiscoCisco About Cisco Cisco paper
AccentureAccenture 2005 Accenture 2006 Accenture 2007 Accenture collection Accenture interview
CMCCMC Technical
HoneywellSample paper Sections
HPHP Technical
IBMIBM 2005 IBM 2006 IBM 2007 IBM 2008 IBM 2009 IBM 2010
IntelIntel Technical
NcrNcr Paper
PatniPatni Patni Next Patni another
WiproWipro 2005 Wipro 2006 Wipro 2007 Wipro 2008 Wipro 2009 Wipro 2010
FluxtronicsFlux JNU
TCSTcs IIT Tcs Mrec Tcs Online Tcs Roorkee Tcs Talent
SamsungSamsung Samsung IITG
SyntelSyntel Paper Syntel 2007 Syntel 2008Syntel 2009
KanbayKanbay Polaris
LucentLucent Technical