Types of interview

Phone Interviews
Phone interviews give the company a chance to get a feel for your skill-set, interests, desired compensation etc., and see if there is a match between their needs and your strengths. If there is enough common ground, then the phone interviews are almost always followed-up by an in-person interview.
In-Person Interview
If you survived the initial phone interview, the next step is probably an in-person interview. Every company has their own way of conducting these interviews. Some prefer to have "panel-like" interviews, while others prefer one-to-one interviews.
Group Interviews
There are two types of group interviews. The first is when each job applicant is interviewed by multiple interviewers. The group (or panel) of interviewers typically includes a Human Resources representative, the manager, and possibly co-workers from the department where the applicant would be working, if hired. The other type of group interview is when a group of applicants for the same position are interviewed together, by the hiring manager. In this scenario, you and other candidates would be interviewed together, in group.
Behavioral Interviews
Behavioral based interviewing is interviewing based on discovering how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations. The logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future i.e. past performance predicts future performance.
Dining Interviews
Dining with a prospective employee allows employers to review your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as your table manners, in a more relaxed (for them) environment.