For searching the new job and preparation for interview some main step is follow.

If you are a fresher and want to search a job what is required to do?

Careers in Demand
View lists of jobs in sorted by total job openings, education requirements, and salary offers.
Job Vacancies
Survey results that provide detailed information about job vacancies or do it yourself by looking at various portals.
Employment Data
Employment and unemployment data for various areas, because you might want be looking in the wrong place.
Research Employers
How to become informed about employers before you contact them. So that you are ready to talk to them.
Employee Benefits
The importance of available benefits and how they vary upon your employer. This might also help who might want to at some point in your career go abroad or become a manager or change cities etc.
Salary Information
For some this might be defining because this will make sure that you dont change jobs too often if you know what to expect from the employer.