When you are facing the interview some guidelines are given for facing interviews.

  1. Be prepared for job profile you have applied for
    For throughness in the subject matter is a must. This include
    Your own discipline of graduation should be on your tips.
    Facts & figure & their applications should be known to you.
    Must know the latest happening in your field.
  2. Presentable
    Proper dress code
    Proper shoes
    Matching shocks
    Must carry a folder this include:
    :Visiting card
    :Curriculum vitae
    :All originals
    :Attested copy of all papers
    :White sheets
  3. Knowledge about organization in depth & detail.
    This include
    Market of the company
    How it was established etc.
  4. You must know what the organization wants from you and what you want from the organization.
    This may include
    Pay packages/Emoluments
    Travel Involved
    Assignment given
    Job Profile
    Work values
    Other commitments if any
    Your requirement temporary,permanent,agreement
  5. General points
    Be proud of your profile
    Don't speak ill of your school,college,institutions,family
    Put all your negative points in sugar coated positive way
    Talk to the point
    Don't bluff
    Find it with a positive sentence
    Don't be gimmick
    Be natural,simple
    Do it the best of your ability
    Be little, reactive,with an alert mind
    Have a very comfortable sleep in the night before an interview
    Go with a fresh mind
    Don't be in a hurry to answer
    Think and apply your mind into the problem
    Be very attentive and good listener
    Avoid talking too much
    No boastful statements
    Participate fully in the activity
    Get over the nervousness
    Enter with an impartial mind(i.e.with at feeling)
  6. Entry
    Before entering while you are waiting for your turn
    Best way to this is carry a news paper or magazine with you which is pisposable or you can keep it at the reception.
    Avoid chatting
    Expose which is desired or required
    Cut off attending the phone calls
    Cut off giving your details to people
    Cut off talking about your personal problems
    Discuss general topic
    Talk very softly & politely
    Other people may give you input
    You must know who is the interviewer
    Entry when you are called
    Make sure that you are not missing the time
    When you enter say
    Good morning sirs or
    Good morning ladies and gentleman
    Walk in close to the chair in front of him without ever touching it
    Sit only if he ask you to do so
    And say thank you very much sir
  7. While you are sitting
    With your hands crossed in front of you holding your wrist
    Establish an eye ball to eye ball contact without starting
    If he is busy talking don't.Stare at him and don't embarrass him
    Sit upright with patient and make very
    Light observation of the surroundings keep your vision open
    Look into the person who asks you the question no matter if interrupted by another person, first answer him and then attend the other person
    No shifting,no shuffling of your chair, not taking out your handkerchief even sit at absolute ease.
  8. Exit
    If you observe the positive feeling from the interviewers and if you find that they are not approachable then.
    Don't leave till you ask your relevant question.
  9. Remember
    Politeness is indispensable at any stage of the interview