1.What does static variable means?

2.In header files whether functions are declared or defined?

3.Difference between Pass by Value and Pass by reference?

4.Where does global, static, local, register variables, free memory and C program instructions get stored?

5.What is static identifier?

6.Can we specify variable field width in a scanf() format string? If possible, how?

7.Differentiate between a FOR loop and a WHILE loop? What are its uses?

8.What is the difference between Strings and Arrays?

9.Are the expressions arr and &arr same for an array of integers?

10.Explain one method to process an entire string as one unit?

11.What do the ā€˜cā€™ and ā€˜vā€™ in argc and argv stand for?

12.What is the maximum combined length of command line arguments including the space between adjacent arguments?

13.What are the advantages of using typedef in a program?

14.How would you dynamically allocate a one-dimensional and two-dimensional array of integers?

15.Which function should be used to free the memory allocated by calloc()?

16.How much maximum can you allocate in a single call to malloc()?

17.Can you dynamically allocate arrays in expanded memory?

18.Can you write a function similar to printf()?

19.How would you use the functions fseek(), fread(), fwrite() and ftell()?

20.How would you implement a substr() function that extracts a sub string from a given string?

21.How do you print a string on the printer?

22.What is a Pointer?

23.What is a Structure?

24.What are the differences between Structures and Arrays?

25.What are Macros? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

26.Difference between arrays and linked list?

27.What are enumerations?

28.What is recursion?

29.What is the difference between Structure and Unions?

30.What are the different storage classes in C?

31.What are the advantages of using Unions?

32.What are the advantages of using pointers in a program?

33.What is NULL pointer? Whether it is same as an un-initialized pointer?

34.What is the similarity between a Structure, Union and Enumeration?

35.Can a Structure contain a Pointer to itself?

36.How can we check whether the contents of two structure variables are same or not?

37.What is the difference between an enumeration and a set of pre-processor # defines?