IF you are submit the resume for applying any job.

These days the Internet is the leading source for recruiting, and mostly you are required to submit a resume online. It is not a given that all the resume will be looked at by the employer.You need to understand and use certain tips in getting your resume noticed.
  1. Before you apply for every job there is take a minute to look at the full job postings that you're interested in pursuing before you apply.
  2. Look for keywords and industry language used to describe the requirements and responsibilities for each job.
  3. Now compare the keywords to your resume.
  4. Now this is the important step where you have to tweak your resume to add the most relevant keywords to your resume, assuming you have the specific knowledge, skills, and experience. Most of the systems will search for keyword matches -- the more matches, the better, which often determines if a recruiter opts to view your resume.
  5. Once you apply, get to work to find an internal referral to make a personal introduction. Here's how:Now connect everybody you know to see if someone knows somebody who works (or has worked) at that employer. Attend job fairs to meet face-to-face with employers and other professionals so that you can make an impression. Create a free profile and become active on social networking sites and see if anybody has any say on the company and its recruiting practises. Understand that now a days getting a job will be easier with your circle of friends and relatives.
  6. Follow up with a call or email to the recruiter responsible for filling the position. IF you get him reiterate your strong qualifications and interest in the role. You'll have just a brief moment to sell yourself, so rehearse before making the call or sending the email.
  7. Keep in mind that every company/recruiter is different, Some say you're welcome to follow up weekly. Others say every other week is enough. And then there are some who'll tell you to never call. Find the right balance so you talk to them politely and always keep a record of who you send the resume to, gave a call etc so that it is easy.