Microsoft Excel Tutorial


Microsoft Excel is a computer application program which is used as a DBMS Software. It mainly comprises tabs, groups of commands and worksheet.

It manipulates and manages the database in very well manner. It provides the sophisticated tool for calculating, projecting and analyzing numeric data & presenting the result in professional quality documents & chart.

Excel, for that matter any spreadsheet essentially comprises of row & column. Inter section of row & column is called cell.

Work Book

A work book is the main document of excel. By default a work-book has three work-sheet, we can add more work-sheets.

Work Sheet

A work-sheet is the working document of excel. It has an electronic sheet where calculation & operation are performed. The worksheet has 256 column & 65536 rows.

How to set up print area?

Select required cell range.

Go to file menu.

Click on print area.

Click on set print area.

Click on clear print area to remove print area.

How to remove sheets element?

Select required cell range.

Go to edit menu.

Click on clear.

Choose all to remove whole element.

Choose formats to remove formatting effect.

Choose Comments to remove comment text.

How to delete cell?

Keep cell pointer in target cell.

Go to edit menu.

Click on delete.

Choose any one option according to your requirement