ANDROID Tutorial


One of the most widely used mobile operating system these name as android.

Android is a software bunch comprising not only operating system but also middle ware on key application.

Android in corporation was founded in Palo Alta of California as by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White in 2003.

Later android corporation was aquite by google in 2005.

Google Describe Android As

The first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices,all of the softwares to run a mobile phone but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation.

Android Version and Years
Android 1.023-September-2008
Android 1.19-February-2009
Android 1.530-April-2009CupCake
Android 1.615-September-2009Donut
Android 2.0/2.126-October-2009Eclair
Android 2.220-May-2010Froyo
Android 2.36-December-2010GingerBread
Android 3.x22-February-2011HoneyComb
Android 4.019-October-2011Ice Cream/Sand Witch
Android 4.1Jelly Bean
Points to Remember

  Android Corporation was aquite by Google in 2005.

   Android declared as Open Source in 22 October 2008.

  First android capable handset on the market device was the G1 device manufactured by HTC & provided on T-mobile.

  It released in US in October 2008 and in UK in November 2008.

What does it have that others don't

Many of the features listed previously such as 3D graphics and native database support are also available in other mobile SDKS. Some of the unique features

  Google Map Applications.

  Background services & Applications.

  Shared Data & Inter process communication.

  All application are created equal.

  P2P interactive application messaging.

Open Handset Alliances

The OHA is a collection of more than 30 technology companies including hardware manufactures,mobile carrers & software developer as exp Motorola, HTC, T-mobile & Qual comm.

In other words OHA represents a commitment to openness a shared vision for the future and concrete plants to make the vision a reality.

To accelerate innovation in mobile & offer consumers a richer, less expensive and better mobile experience.